Real frag is always cloudy. Here is why.

Real frag is always cloudy. Here is why.

The chemical sequence of HGH Fragment is such that it contains very hydrophobic amino acids. Hydrophobic amino acids are very difficult to dissolve. Hydrophobic molecules are literally “water- fearing”. A good example of a hydrophobic compound is oil- petroleum. You could see this when BP’s oil well spilled millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf. It was not “diluted” by the water. Water is actually an excellent solvent for most peptides.

HGH Fragment is by far the most hydrophobic of any peptides available related to GH research. Now, you have probably purchased HGH Fragment in the past and not had this issue. That is because your HGH Fragment came from a bad lab, whether it be USA or China or Kingdom come or because- for reasons I cannot fully explain- this is not an issue with every reconstituted vial. The process in some labs includes using a copious amount of acetonitrile. To put this into perspective- when our peptides are being synthesized and then tested for purity- a small amount of acetonitrile is used to remove the impurities from a column that is being tested during the HPLC- .1% acetonitrile to be exact.

Now acetonitrile is a poisonous substance and needs to be removed from the final product- (it metabolizes into cyanide). If this substance is not removed, the effects can be very dangerous indeed. Some chemists use 10% acetonitrile to dissolve the HGH Fragment!

So, although this is very counter-intuitive, the fact that your HGH Fragment is cloudy tells you that it is true HGH Fragment, and that it does NOT contain copious amounts of acetonitrile.

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