Peptides Basics

GHRH (Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone) + GHRP (Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide) = 10 star GH Release (**********)

GHRP (Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide aka Ghrelin-mimetic) = 3 star GH Release (***)

GHRH (Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone) = 0 or 1 star GH Release (*)

GHRPs (GHRP-6, GHRP-2, Hexarelin, Ipamorelin) are like cardiac shock paddles. You administer a GHRP and a pulse of GH is created. This is predictable and reliable across all normal people.

GHRH creates no pulse. It only adds to what ever is happening naturally. If there is a pulse occurring then GHRH increases the GH release. If no pulse is occurring when GHRH is administered then it will have little effect on GH release.

I can not speak for Dr. Crisler but he indicated that Sermorelin (GHRH) by itself was not very effective at raising IGF-1 levels. However when he added GHRP-6 with it at saturation dose (I believe administered together twice a day), IGF-1 levels increase by 1/3.

This underscores the need for both a GHRH & a GHRP.

IF you are 100% sure you have CJC-1295 then because it is a long lasting GHRH (half-life measured in days) it will always be available which means during natural GH waves & troughs. So it behaves differently and its effectiveness in terms of absolute GH release is higher than the other forms of GHRH.

CJC-1295 raises base levels of GH not the pulses. It is possible that CJC-1295 never gives the somatotrophs sufficient time to reload stores of GH at the 100% level. Normally Somatostatin by stopping GH release activity gives the cells sufficient time to build up a big store of releasable GH. So CJC-1295 no matter how much GHRP you add may not be able to effect as strong a pulse as a GHRP + GHRH.

There is no reason NOT to combine a GHRP such as GHRP-6 with your GHRH, no matter whether the form of GHRH is Sermorelin, modified GRF(1-29) or CJC-1295. There is only BIG benefit.

On the flip side you can consistently and reliably affect GH pulsatile release with a GHRP alone. Without a GHRH the amplitude will not be synergistically higher. BUT it will be a strong pulse of GH release.

One more quick point. An iu of synthetic GH is 333mcg of compound. That’s all. A unit of GH doesn’t give the same effect across all normal people and even within a person there is variability.

A far better measure is GH in plasma measured in many multiple intervals over a period of time. By sampling frequently you can determine the peak of GH in plasma and when it drops to baseline.

You can then measure IGF-1 levels to determine the effect that THAT dosing had on increasing circulating levels.

You can do the same thing with GHRH & GHRP.

The problem people have is they are stuck on absolute levels of GH in circulation as being of paramount importance. It isn’t.

First it is free GH that is important. Anywhere from 10% to 90% may be bound at any given time with GH-Binding proteins or prolactin-binding proteins.

Second it is pulsation that is important for growth not absolute levels. Pulses send communicative signals to the cells. GH is simply the ligand that gives form to the wave. GH has no other value except to be a part of a communication signal.

The cells respond to this wave of GH by mediating events within the cell that are responsible for metabolism, protein synthesis, further ligand transcription & synthesis in the form of IGF-1 …some of these signaling pathways in the cell carry messages to proliferate, differentiate or induce apoptosis . These intracellular pathways are common to many different tissue populations and respond to initiation from many different types of ligands binding to various receptors.

This behavior is optimized by pulsation …continuous GH desensitizes these pathways (and sends certain signals that are common to females to mediate certain events such as creation of specific liver enzymes)…

So it is probable that I (and anyone who understands fully) could get more out of a small amount of GHRH + GHRP then someone who administers large amounts of GH. The validity of this statement is dependent on the use of other compounds…

Finally to answer your question directly:

I believe that if your CJC-1295 is modified GRF(1-29), coupled with GHRP-6, dosed as described you will achieve your goal of GH level (i.e. 4ius) and exceed both the quantity & quality of those growth optimizing events that THAT equivalent level of synthetic GH will be capable of mediating.

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