Nasal Peptides

Nasal peptides are becoming more popular because people like the idea of spraying a few sprays up each nostril instead of injecting them directly into the body.

Most nasal users do not know that nasal applicator is far less effective, almost 60% less effective.  We have put together a quick guide below, from the risks of buying premixed nasal peptides and how to make your own.

What are Nasal Peptides & should you buy them?

Nasal Peptides are being sold online premix in a saline solution. Most advanced Peptides users understand that it is necessary to use Bacteriostatic water to reconstitute peptides due to the peptide’s effectiveness (you can find more information on our mixing peptide guide). Using saline water to mix peptides would only be ok in a one-shot single-use situation.

Buying nasal applications premixed is dangerous and can affect the peptide quality during transport. It is essential once you mix a peptide, it must be stored in a cool fridge and away from heat and direct sunlight to obtain its effectiveness.

Once saline water reached room temperature and then cooled, you will find bacteria growth. A premixed nasal could potentially give you a nasty bug.

How to make Nasal Peptides in the UK?

Understandably not everyone wants to use a syringe, and A nasal applicator looks easier to use even though it is only around 60% less effective.

We would not recommend using a Peptide nasal, but we have some tips from a leading peptide supplier if you insist.

Make your Nasal applicator. Do not buy Pre Mixed.

Always buy Peptides in dry powder form. Search google for BUY BPC157 or use your source for research peptides.
You can buy nasal applicators online from Amazon, eBay. Ideally, we would recommend that you sterilise the nasal applicator before using it.

Saline water is available in most stores such as Boots, Tesco or online. It is used to flush your nose from pollen etc.

  1. Once you have your desired peptide, add 1ml of saline water into the vial (peptide vial). Allow the peptide to dissolve. Do not shake. Allow it to stand for 3 – 5 minutes.
  2. Once fully reconstituted, withdraw with a needle from the vial and put into your nasal applicator. Add more saline into the nasal bottle. If you are using 5ml, add 4ml (if you are using 10ml, add 9ml)
  3. Once mixed-use and store in your fridge away from heat and direct sunlight.


We would not recommend peptides in nasal bottles; however, we understand some users will prefer this, always make your nasals do not buy premixed. Use the instructions above to make your own. Remember that a nasal applicator will be far less effective than normal pinning.

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below, and we will try to answer them.

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