My Experience with GHRP 2 & CJC1295 MOD GRF.

firstly I want to point out how much research I have done before I began to use these amazing Peptides. I originally bought these Peptides from Amazon! Yeah, that’s right, I found the full range of Peptides on Amazon UK. Coming from a well know selling website I thought that these products must be genuine. However, I’m an active member on UK Muscle and Reddit and a few other bodybuilding websites and one Peptide seller kept getting mentioned which was UK Peptides. I place an order both on Amazon and UK peptides I found a coupon for UK Peptides and this made the products slightly cheaper than Amazon. After confirming the order on both websites I dropped a message to each seller, just asking for some basic information just to check how active they were. I was surprised on how fast the response was from UK peps, the Amazon seller I still haven’t had a response! ( 3 months has passed… )

The very same day I had an email from UK peptides to say that my parcel has been dispatched with DPD and would be arriving the next day. I was well excited as this was my first time using Peptides.  Amazon notified me that I should expect my parcel within 3 days. As UK peps said I had my parcel the very next day. I had further emails to notify me of the hour that it would arrive I found this useful as I always miss my parcels with Royal Mail. The products come in a secure well-wrapped box, I waited for another two days before my amazon parcel came.

On comparing the products UK peps looked a quality vial with a crisp label the other looked a bit cheap and something that I would be able to create on clip art! This really put me off the products and one thing I noticed was the products off amazon were all red flip tops, while UK peps had two different colours one was white and the other was red. This made sense to have different colour tops as it would be difficult to have products mixed up etc.

I decided to run UK peps products first I bought six vials of GHRP 2, six vials of MOD GRF and two Bacteriostatic waters. 

My protocol was:

250mcg GHRP 2 x 3 daily

100mcg CJC1295  (MOD GRF without DAC) x 3 daily 

I mixed both Peptides in the syringe and pinned before breakfast, before lunch & before bed.

My body fat was around 18% it was a week before the lockdown was in place for COVID, I kept running these Peptides all the way through Lockdown. I was sat at 104kg and was fluffy.

 My first time using the Peptides I felt a hot flush feeling and shortly after I had a hunger pan! I knew already that these symptoms are common with this cycle, so this didn’t worry me I managed to wait a good hour before having my breakfast. I only seemed to get the hot flush and hunger pan on the morning.

Six weeks passed I could defiantly notice that my body fat had dropped as I looked so much better in the mirror the only thing I found was weird with COVID I was eating a little more than I normally would so I expected my weight to increase however I was still around 103kg my skin looked fresh and my sleep was the best I’ve had in a long time.

I placed another order with UK Peptides as on week seven when I went to switch to the Amazon I didn’t feel that flush or hunger pan I had nausea feeling so I knew something was quite right. I did message the seller but no response was received.

I’m now on ten weeks in, bear in mind my only exercise was a dumbbell a skipping rope and walking/hill sprints, I’m lean as I ever have been, my cardio was always not the best. But I can easily jog/run I noticed my motivation levels increased during this cycle. All my friends were going back over and I was full of beans I can only put it down to these peptides.

The benefits I found I got from this cycle are:

Skin improvements, Motivation – Energy levels increased, Fat loss, muscle gain.

I will continue using this with hopes gyms will be open shortly to put it 100% use but overall this has changed my life.

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