Usually when researching with IGF-DES a user would use it post workout directly into the muscle, the reason behind this is the half life for DES is about 20-30 minutes which means it’s a very delicate chain. Therefore, administration would be done at the area site where you want to see growth. DES has the ability to stimulate muscle hyperplasia better than LR3. In simple terms it’s best used for site injections, rather than overall growth

DES, is known to bind to receptors that have been deformed by Lactic acid, which is often present during workouts. This allows DES to attach itself to a mutated receptor and signal tissue growth post training.

Has a half life of about 20 – 30 hours and is much more potent than base IGF, Since it’s half-life is about a day, the IGF LR3 will circulate the body for around 24 hours, binding to receptors and activating cell communication that will improve muscle growth and fat loss

LR3 prevents glucose from entering into cells, which in turn forces the body to burn fat and not sucrose.

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