Epitalon Sleep disorders and old age

Sleep disorders and old age

Along with age, it has been observed a decrease in natural melatonin secretion. A study made in 2007 on epitalon use in older patients showed that it helped restore the pineal gland function and increase the secretion of melatonin, which is the basic factor in regulating and restoring normal sleep.

“In the course of ageing, both monkeys and people reveal decreased night and average daily level of melatonin in the blood plasma and reduced hormone circadian rhythm amplitude, which evidence the disorder of the pineal gland melatonin releasing function. Peptide preparations of the pineal gland (Epithalamin–a complex of peptides isolated from the pineal gland and Epitalon–synthetic tetrapeptide) recover night release of endogenous melatonin and lead to the normalization of the hormone circadian rhythm in the blood plasma. In elderly people, Epithalamin and Epitalon modulate pineal gland functional state: people with pineal gland functional insufficiency report an increase of night melatonin level. The preparations of the pineal gland, effectively increasing melatonin concentration and having no side effects, can be used in clinical geriatric practice.” [4]

Epitalon has an important role especially after the age of 40 years against ageing not only by its action on the brain and pineal gland but also by increasing telomere length through its action as a  telomerase activator.
People who regularly consume epitalon reported better sleep patterns and deeper sleep that are essential for repairing the body and strengthening the immune system. These effects are made possible by an increase in endogenous melatonin secretion.

Epitalon can provide you with a better sleep, an increase in the cognitive capacities of your brain and bio-regulate your whole body through the action of the pineal gland from which it was first extracted. It has been intensively tested in Russia for more than 25 years and taken even by the researchers for its anti-ageing and enhancing properties and it is increasingly used by more people worldwide.  

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