Aicar – Endurance

AICAR, has a powerful effect on burning fat and raising endurance levels.
Studies show when AICAR was researched on (mice). AICAR induced metabolic genes and significantly improved running endurance by converting fast-twitch muscle fibers to the more energy-efficient, fat-burning, slow-twitch fibers.
AICAR was developed to treat leukemia and potentially diabetes. This compound is an AMP activated protein kinase activator (an enzyme that’s responsible for metabolic processes which sustain life). As the Sulk Institute study showed, AICAR can improve endurance by converting fast-twitch muscle fibers to fat-burning, slow-twitch fibers.
While peptides aren’t cleared for human use, plenty of athletes and bodybuilders still use AICAR to improve their performance. Bodybuilders often express interest in the fat-burning capabilities. Athletes, especially those in endurance sports, believe that the AICAR can quickly raise their endurance levels.

Are GW and AICAR Safe for Female Test Subjects?
Absolutely. this is not a hormones compound, so female test subjects can definitely enjoy all the benefits without fears of virilization effects (developing man-like features).

When your test subject exercises, AICAR will help attack fat stores and increase the fatty acid metabolism. Many test subjects could have predisposed genetic problems and/or poor metabolism, which prevents them from burning fat. this compound will counteract this so that exercise actually pays off.

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