A common side effect

A common side effect can be a local irritation around the injection site, which occurs in around one of every six people. This irritation is characterized by redness, pain, or swelling. Though this side effect is relatively common, only a small minority of people find the irritation bothersome enough to stop using . There are other side effects which occur in less than one percent of People. These side effects include: nausea and flushing of the skin.

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I have a red itchy mark after injecting

Regarding the Red Itchy swollen mark.
It sounds like you have a reaction some people do get this while others don’t  It’s completely normal. If it continues you can try adding more bac water. Some people are more sensitive and if you have too rich of a concentration it can aggravate your skin. It’s nothing to worry about, it happens to me from time to time. I would also advise pining above the hips (love handles area) as around the navel area are nerve endings so we try to keep away from here

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