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What are Peptides

Intrested in Peptides but not sure what they are?

Your body makes peptides. They’re strings of amino acids, which are the “building blocks” of proteins. But a peptide doesn’t have as many amino acids as a protein.


Lab-made peptides can mimic some of those found in your body. Some of them are used in medications for conditions ranging from diabetes to multiple sclerosis. Studies have also found that certain types may have benefits for your skin, muscles, and maybe your weight.


In layman’s terms, your body has many receptors locked in your life stages. For instance, your body will start producing hormones for growth and development when you are a teenager, and once you reach an older age, they will become locked again. Peptides are a key which can open these receptors on demand.


Some companies are putting them into skin products and dietary supplements you can buy over the counter.


Most Peptides are not licenced. They are also not regulated, So use caution when buying and using peptide products in your research.


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