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Today, many TB 500 reviews note that this peptide imitates the effects of TB4 created in the thymus gland. TB4 is known for accelerating the injury recovery time.

Also, research and even reviews on TB-500 peptide imply that it can help boost your cardiovascular health as well as wound-healing in athletes.

Such is exciting news for fitness enthusiasts who like pushing their bodies to the max.

But what does science say about the TB 500 peptide?

In this review, we’ll provide you with factual information about the TB 500 peptide and how it can help you. In addition to the benefits, we will also look at any drawbacks linked to this peptide and everything you need to know about it

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Thymosin was discovered in the mid-1960s in New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine, as Allan Goldstein from the Lab of Abraham White was studying the function of the thymus in the development of vertebrates immune system. From that time, Dr Goldstein established a company that develops thymosin alpha-1 that is meant for increasing your immune cell activity, and TB500( thymosin beta 4) that promotes cell repair and wound healing.

There’s been extensive use of TB-500 on racehorses for preventing the formation of adhesions, although it’s not a prescription veterinary medicine. This is an injectable peptide that has limited human use.

Typically, TB500 is limited to people who like experimenting on drugs. However, reports of the use of thymosin on humans date back to 1974 – when the first person, a young girl, received the injections of thymosin as she was diagnosed to not have the function of her thymus gland.

The use of TB-500 has shown to provide many effects that are similar to those from growth hormone (GH), which include:

  • Enhanced strength resulting from muscle growth
  • Improved endurance
  • Accelerated the healing of wounds
  • Reduces inflammation or acute or/and chronic pain
  • Increases flexibility
  • Enhances hair growth

We’ll later look at these benefits in more details, but first…

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