My Experience With Epitalon

First post here, thought I would share my results with epitalon.

I sent off some cheek cells to titanovo in April 2016, and was sad to find out my telomere length was pretty short. If I can believe titanovo, I had the telomeres of a 55 year old man. I am only 49, and am in excellent health. Never smoked, healthy as heck, great blood pressure and cholesterol. Ran a half marathon last year, am lean and athletic with no health issues at all. But damn those telomeres.

I made myself a test subject! In mid-April I started a course of epitalon, ordering from ceretropic. I shot up a 100mg vial of Epitalon, injected subcutaneously 10mg a day for 10 days. I took a week off and did 100mg of N-Acetyl Epitalon the same way. Repeated with N-Acetyl Epitalon Amidate (which was really hard to inject) then another course of N-Acetyl Epitalon and Epitalon.

In total: 500 mg of assorted flavors of epitalon over twelve weeks.

I didn’t notice anything significantly different about myself at all during the treatment. I felt a little grouchier than normal during the injection period, and had more vivid dreams. Otherwise, no change in skin or hair or energy levels or weight. But as I said, I’ve been athletic and in great shape for a long while.

At the end of June I submitted another test, and the results just came back. My telomere length is up by 1,000 base pairs, and titanova now says I have the telomere length of a … ten year old boy. Am I reading that right? See graphs linked below. I feel exactly the same, though.

Guess I’ll let you know in 30 years if it worked!


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