KISSPEPTIN 10 – The Peptide Guide

Kisspeptin, made in the hypothalamus, is an important hormone that starts the release of several other hormones. Also called metastin, this interesting hormone is connected to puberty and may also help stop the spread of cancer.

Does kisspeptin increase testosterone?
Conclusions: Kisspeptin-10 boluses potently evoke LH secretion in men, and continuous infusion increases testosterone, LH pulse frequency, and pulse size. Kisspeptin analogues have therapeutic potential as regulators of LH and thus testosterone secretion.1 Jun 2011

Dosage for Kisspeptin 10

How to reconstitute
Mix 2 ml water with each vial of KISSPEPTIN 10. Two full insulin syringes of water.

Only mix one bottle of each at a time and keep refrigerated.

Their are many diffrent dosages for Kisspeptin depending on the results you are looking to get from this peptide.

We have seen good results with 300mcg split three times a week.

10iu of KISSPEPTIN 10 at least one hour after last meal of the evening.
it is recommended to take this peptide before bed if possible. Split over three days example Mon / Wed / Sat

Each 10iu is 300mcg

Ideally your last meal should be a protein source like chicken, fish, lean steak and vegetables. A very small portion of carbs only.
Even better if you can do without the carbs on your last meal.