Peptides and Ageing

A technology has been developed for manufacturing of biologically active complex peptide preparations from extracts of different tissues. In particular, the pineal preparation (Epithalamin) augments the in vitro outgrowth of Continue reading

Targeted Apoptosis of Senescent Cells Restores Tissue Homeostasis in Response to Chemotoxicity and Aging

Highlights •A modified FOXO4-p53 interfering peptide causes p53 nuclear exclusion in senescent cells •This FOXO4 peptide induces targeted apoptosis of senescent cells (TASC) •TASC neutralizes murine liver chemotoxicity from doxorubicin Continue reading

Protein peptides profile

Protein peptides profile peptides are short polymers of amino acids linked by peptide bonds. They have the same peptide bonds as those in proteins, but are commonly shorter in length. Continue reading