BPC 157 Restores The Serotogenic Transport System

BPC157 Restores The SerotonergicTransport System

BPC-157 works on the Serotonergic system. R R

BPC-157 significantly reduces the rate of serotonin synthesis in the:

  • Dorsal thalamus R
  • Hippocampus R
  • Hypothalamus R
  • Lateral geniculate body R

BPC-157 increases serotonin synthesis in the nigrostriatal regions:

  • Accumbens nucleus R
  • Lateral caudate R
  • Substantia nigra R
  • Superior olive R

BPC-157 may improve depression and anxiety by its action on serotonin, similar to that of antidepressant drugs (such as imipramine or nialamide). R

For example, in chronically stress rats BPC-157 could improve their mobility. R

It can also protect the brain against serotonin toxicity as seen in serotonin syndrome via inhibition of 5-HT2A receptor binding. R

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